Hospital quality air for healthcare, workplace and community facilities!

Comfort52  kórokozó mentesítő, levegőfertőtlenítő készülék

The Comfort52 UV-C Air Disinfection Series

* Chemical free  
* No filters replacement
* Low maintenance  requirements
* No ozone and by-products
* No uncontrolled escape of UV-C-light
* No virus UV-C  resistance build-up

Mobilsept Technology's Comfort52 air disinfecting unit captures and kills 99.97% of airborne bacteria and viruses, including the SARS coronavirus group.

Advantages of the Comfort52 pathogen removal and air disinfection device:
- It's economical
- It's comfortable
- It's safe
- Effective

Comfort52 Technical information:

Comfort52 Technical information:
Radial Fan capacity 820 m3 / h
Maximum m3 usage capacity 180 m3 (approx. 55-60 m2 room)
UV-C 254 nm power 
Pathogen extraction UV 14 µW  ACH / hour
Efficacy 99.97% pathogen removal (after in 30m2 / 12 minutes of operation)
Noise level / Weight 39 dB / 3 kg
Air filter Nickel sponge, washable
Power consumption 220 V 65 W
Operation Remote control / programmable
Color / Size White / Width: 63 cm
Height: 22 cm   Depth: 13 cm
Price of Comfort52 UV-C unit: € 288,000 + VAT

 Mobilsept Technology Comfort52 levegőtisztító és fertőtlenítő készülék

UV-C is the most effective green, environmentally friendly disinfectant

The 254 nm UV-C light beam immediately destroys the DNA / RNA of pathogens at an air flow of 2.5 m / s. This is accomplished by disrupting the replication of the genetic material with thymine dimers, thereby preventing its ability to cause infection. Continuous operation of the Mobilsept Technology Comfort52 air disinfecting unit is recommended in areas exposed to the spread of infection, as its operation is completely safe and free of side effects.

The Comfort52, Whisper series is GLP-EPA compliant. The technology complies with ASTM E-2197-02 and ANSI RP-27 test protocols using UV-C 3 µW / m2 power.